About us

The Olinek Intensive Therapy Center was established in 2006 by the parents of disabled Ola. Friendly to parents and open to patients’ needs and expectations, Olinek is a professional, highly specialized center providing comprehensive and intensive rehabilitation for children, youths and adults. During the 10 years of our experience we have developed a proprietary method for rehabilitation of children using rehabilitation suits OlinekSuit, SpiderSuit and Theratogs. Our offer comprises the following therapies: NDT Bobath, PNF, Sensory Integration, Tomatis, HBO oxygen therapy, PRODROBOT, water treadmill, hyperbaric cabin, world experience rooms, and neurologopedics.

Our goal

Our overriding goal is to improve the quality of the patients’ life in the area of their motor skills and mental development. We provide a comprehensive, tailor-made therapy for each child. The Olinek Intensive Therapy Center is one of the first-choice rehabilitation centers for parents of disabled children from Poland and abroad.


We have built our foundations on Olinek’s harmonious and experienced team. We have always cared for top quality of our sessions, employing and training the best therapists who love to work with children. We know very well how precious their work is – no expensive, state-of-the-art rehabilitation equipment can replace the therapist’s touch.

One step further – OlinekSuit

Thanks to the experience and commitment of our therapists and increasing market demand, at the beginning of 2017 we developed OlinekSuit. A dynamic orthosis for the torso and lower limbs, made from specially selected flexible materials which improve body stability and correction. But no rehabilitation suit will replace therapy. It is a very effective tool but it requires appropriate application.

Constrained Induced Movement Therapy

Please familiarize yourself with the first in Poland rehabilitation program created on the basis of the principles of the Constrained Induced Movement Therapy. The therapy has been developed by a team of therapists working in our center. It is based on the leading motif of Pirates, who set out on a sea voyage in search of adventures.


The Intensive Therapy Centre Olinek since 17 November, 2006 has been licensed to employ TheraSuit method. The license was issued by TheraSuit LLC. TheraSuit orthotic was patented in the USA (patent no: U.S. Patent Application 10/269, 587).


The staff of The Intensive Therapy Centre is highly qualified and experienced. We work with graduates of the best medical universities in Poland (University of Physical Education in Warsaw, Warsaw Medical University). Our physiotherapists keep raising their professional qualifications by attending a number of physiotherapeutic courses.

Physiotherapeutic cycles in Olinek

It is our physiotherapists or our physician who help to decide what form of treatment (and in what time limits) is suitable for a given patient. Our standard physiotherapeutic unit is a 2,5-hour session. Our patients attend one 2,5-hour or two 2,5-hour sessions a day for 1, 2 or 3 weeks (from Monday to Friday). It is also possible to enroll on 1-hour sensory integration, hand therapy and speech therapy sessions or on Tomatis therapy (hearing attention training).


Payments for therapy are settled in cash or by bank transfer till the last day of the cycle. The payment of the deposit must be made one month before the cycle. In the case of 1-hour treatments (hand therapy, sensory integration, speech therapy) payments are made in cash or by bank transfer, before or after therapy. The total cost of a cycle/therapy is the sum of all sessions that have taken place during patient’s stay in Olinek. Same-day cancellations are charged 100%.