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Prof. Alfred Tomatis Therapy

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Prof. Alfred Tomatis Therapy The training involves listening to appropriately selected sound material through a device called an “electronic ear” which is an perfect model of human ear – it “trains” the ear in such a way that it can work without disruptions. These exercises stimulate the central nervous system, in [...]

World Experience Room

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Sala Doświadczenia Świata An amazing therapeutic room which stimulates the senses already from the moment a child is born. If your child, due to illness or limited motor skills, cannot play like their peers. They have never been to the cinema, playground or funfair. They have vision disorders and can see only [...]

Constrained Induced Movement Therapy

By |2018-06-18T11:27:28+00:00September 5th, 2017|

Constrained Induced Movement Therapy The first in Poland rehabilitation program created on the basis of the principles of the Constrained Induced Movement Therapy. The therapy has been developed with the qualified team of therapists working in our center. It is based on the leading motif of Pirates, who set out on [...]


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Neurologopedics Logopedics specialization dealing with diagnosis and therapy of different forms of communication disorders caused by damage of the central nervous system, both in the case of children and adults. A neurologopedist deals primarily with speech therapy in children and persons who do not speak and nutrition therapy in children and [...]

Sensory Light Room

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Sensory Light Room Sensory integration is a process during which human nervous system receives information from receptors of all senses: touch, vestibular system receiving information about movement and body feeling, i.e. proprioception, smell, sight, hearing and taste, and then organizes them and interprets so that they can be used in intentional action. [...]

Hand Therapy

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Hand therapy Hand, as specialized organ, is responsible for many functions in our body. It is a perfect organ – it can serve as a strong tool for pushing, lifting weights, wrestling, and, at the same time, perform very precise and complicated movements, such as sewing or writing. It is because [...]


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Kinesiotaping   This is a therapeutic method which involves putting special elastic tapes on selected body parts, which impact the muscles, fascia, joints, lymphatic and nervous system and feeling of pain. Kinesiotaping is a new tool in physiotherapist’s work. KINESIOTAPING techniques are based on kinesiology /hence the name Kinesio/ and the [...]

Water Treadmill

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Water Treadmill Innovative therapy for rehabilitation of children in water combined with therapy in Therasuit and Theratogs suits. Using the water environment and its properties, we can freely perform most exercises thanks to perceived reduction of the body weight. It allows children to make movements which they are not able to [...]

Hyperbaric Chamber

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Hyperbaric Chamber Use of pressure that is higher than atmospheric pressure deprives oxygen of the physiological barriers for permeation through tissues. This means that oxygen can permeate to areas where normally it cannot get through, i.e. poorly perfused areas, e.g. wounds or post-injury areas. The patient’s exposure to oxygen under increased [...]


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PRODROBOT Prodrobot is an appliance providing stimulation to different segments of the lower limb. It ensures that physiotherapeutic exercises are performed in line with the most correct movement patterns. Movable ortheses of variable length, equipped with numerous, adjustable clasps allow for individual resizing of the appliance, to suit the patient’s anatomical [...]