One can book a cycle by telephone, mail or in Olinek’s office.
Phone: +48 22 559 21 37; +48 22 841 37 33 , +48 22 841 34 66 , mob: +48 605 98 68 98
All therapies in Olinek take place from Monday till Friday. But often it is possible to attend treatment also on Saturday.

Payments for therapy are settled in cash or by bank transfer till the last day of the cycle. The payment of the deposit must be made one month before the cycle. In the case of 1-hour treatments (hand therapy, sensory integration, speech therapy) payments are made in cash or by bank transfer, before or after therapy.

The total cost of a cycle/therapy is the sum of all sessions that have taken place during patient’s stay in Olinek.
Same-day cancellations are charged 100%.

During the first physiotherapeutic session a therapist, together with a patient’s caretaker, establishes the program and sets the goal of therapy.
All patients coming to Olinek for physiotherapeutic cycles are expected to provide us with their medical documentation (medical certificates, videos, X-ray photos – especially of hip articulations and spine).

Specialized therapies