Hyperbaric Chamber

Use of pressure that is higher than atmospheric pressure deprives oxygen of the physiological barriers for permeation through tissues. This means that oxygen can permeate to areas where normally it cannot get through, i.e. poorly perfused areas, e.g. wounds or post-injury areas.
The patient’s exposure to oxygen under increased pressure in an air-tight room effectively saturates the tissues with oxygen. Oxygen permeates not only red cells – its concentration increases also in the plasma, lymphatic system and cerebrospinal fluid.
When the patient is in the cabin, relaxing, listening to music or reading a paper, their body draws benefits which cannot be obtained in any other therapy.

What does it give you?

Internal diseases and sports medicine:
• fibromyalgia – reduced soreness of pain points
• chronic exhaustion syndrome – improved the life quality
• training – faster recovery, optimized training, increased muscle strength, reduced tiredness
• tissue damage – increased speed of recovery and tissue recovery, damaged ligaments, tendons, joints and muscles, reduced time of recovery of fitness
• migraine and other headaches – decreased symptoms during fits and decreased number of
• reduced tinnitus


• wounds – stimulates healing through triggering fibroblasts to generate collagen and stimulates creation of new vessels
• diabetic foot syndrome – anti-inflammatory action, facilitating creation of vessels and collagen, and thus faster healing of damaged tissues
• post-thrombotic syndrome – faster recovery and tissue regeneration
• injuries – reduces post-traumatic edema, anti-inflammatory action, stimulates tissue regeneration
• osteoarthritis – has bactericidal effect and increases cell immunity

Hyperbaric therapy reduces inflammation, improves natural repair mechanisms, hinders aging processes and facilitates the functioning of the body, improving the nutritional condition of body cells.