This is a therapeutic method which involves putting special elastic tapes on selected body parts, which impact the muscles, fascia, joints, lymphatic and nervous system and feeling of pain. Kinesiotaping is a new tool in physiotherapist’s work.
KINESIOTAPING techniques are based on kinesiology /hence the name Kinesio/ and the self-healing mechanism existing in the body. The techniques based on the use of Kinesio TexT tapes do not constrain your movements and are completely different than the techniques and tapes used in conventional sports taping, although Kinesio Taping also works perfectly in sport.

Kinesio Taping impacts the muscles, ligaments, joints, and lymphatic and nervous system. For the first ten years, orthopedists, manual therapy specialists and physiotherapists were the main users of Kinesio Tex tapes. Currently Kinesio Taping is a common therapy method for a large number of disorders and injuries of the motor organs in many countries: Japan, US and European and Asian countries. In our part of Europe, training courses in this area are organized in Hungary, Slovenia and Poland.