Prodrobot is an appliance providing stimulation to different segments of the lower limb. It ensures that physiotherapeutic exercises are performed in line
with the most correct movement patterns. Movable ortheses of variable length, equipped with numerous, adjustable clasps allow for individual resizing of the appliance, to suit the patient’s anatomical conditions.

The device can be used by persons weighing no more than 50 kg and measuring 120 – 150 cm (these sizes are determined by the length of the lower limbs).

During each session the patient performs a set of exercises whose range and speed are adjusted to his/her capabilities. Prodrobot has a number of pre-programmed exercises:

  • Walking: reproducing the anatomical gait pattern
  • Swings: doing swings without bending knees
  • Squats: bending both knees
  • Bicycles: movement simulating cycling
  • Stairs: movement simulating going up the stairs

Who is it for?

  • for patients affected by paraplegia,
  • with strokes causing walking impairment,
  • for persons with Parkinson’s disease with slowness of movement, muscle stiffness
    and walking motor disorder and postural disorders,
  • in walking and postural disorders in polyneuropathies of different causes (toxic, metabolic or auto-immunological, such as the Guillain-Barre syndrome) with different intensity of muscle weakness, up to flaccid paralysis,
  • for children with cerebral palsy in which the motor disorders involve mainly muscle weakness and spasticity,
  • for patients with muscle diseases, such as muscle dystrophies with progressing muscular weakness and degeneration,
  • during upright standing and initiation of movement