Water Treadmill

Water Treadmill

Innovative therapy for rehabilitation of children in water combined with therapy in Therasuit and Theratogs suits. Using the water environment and its properties, we can freely perform most exercises thanks to perceived reduction of the body weight. It allows children to make movements which they are not able to make on land.

Water resistance triggers the whole motor organ, reduces joint stiffness and allows for making extended movements. Additionally, appropriate water temperature ensures relaxation of muscles, thanks to which it reduces pain and facilitates blood flow.

Water buoyancy reduces the perceived body weight, which decreases the loan on the joints. Thanks to that, water treadmill can be used by children for whom a dry treadmill is inadvisable or prohibited.

Thanks to glass walls the treadmill allows for monitoring and improving the child’s walk. Handles on each side make it possible to walk not only forward but also sideways and backward. Adjustable speed and height ensure personalized adjustment of the machine to the child’s needs.

Hydrotherapy may be used in treatment of:

  • joint inflammation
  • dysplasia
  • paralysis
  • orthopedic irregularities
  • neurology
  • improvement of cardiovascular capacity
  • preventive strengthening of ligaments and development of muscle mass
  • correct learning to walk, e.g. for children with cerebral palsy

Water therapy may be used before or right after a surgical operation, which allows for faster regeneration of the organism.