World Experience Room

Sala Doświadczenia Świata

An amazing therapeutic room which stimulates the senses already from the moment a child is born. If your child, due to illness or limited motor skills, cannot play like their peers. They have never been to the cinema, playground or funfair. They have vision disorders and can see only high contracts. They are afraid of noise, unknown sounds and movements. They are hypersensitive to smell or are able to smell only clear, intensive smells.

Who is it for? For those with:

  • mental retardation,
  • cerebral palsy,
  • autism,
  • Down’s syndrome,
  • mental illness,
  • neurotic speech disorders,

Come to the World Experience Room,

and we, through the multi-sensory therapy, will help them to experience things that they cannot discover by themselves.

We will jump into the middle of a marine adventure where they will sail through the seven seas like sailors, lying on a water bed and experience storms, and colorful fish swimming around. Additionally they will be able to feel for themselves the delicate breeze on their face and wind in their hair.

We will set out on a virtual walk in the woods and smell the enchanting scent of fir trees and wild strawberries. We will collect real cones, touch the bark on the tress, listening to birds and wild animals. And the sky will open and release a rainbow-colored rain of meteors.

We will enter the world of magic, looking at our reflection in a magic mirror straight from the Snow White and find out who is the fairest of them all.

There are lots of ideas for fund in our wonderland, and each visit provides new sensations and shows its beauty and diversity. For your child this is the only chance to move to a different, mysterious and wonderful world.