Neurological speech therapy

Neurological speech therapy

Neurological speech therapy deals with diagnosing and treating various disturbances of communication, caused by injuries of the central nervous system, both in children and adults. A neurological speech therapist focuses also on feeding therapy in patients who have difficulty chewing and swallowing food. Neurologic speech therapy is meant for people whose ability to speak is lost or much reduced because of different factors (accidents, injuries, illnesses, developmental and perinatal factors). The therapy is always tailored to individual needs, capabilities and expectations of each patient.

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It is meant for children who:

  • have problems with speaking: a 2- or even 3-year old does not produce any speech whatsoever, produces indistinct speech or has a speech impediment
  • have problem with eating: refuse to eat food of some specific consistency, have difficulty biting, chewing and swallowing; do not like solid food
  • salivate excessively, their mouth is always open
  • are preemies, stayed in an incubator for a long time, were tube-fed
  • are born from a difficult pregnancy or with perinatal difficulties
  • are diagnosed with neurological disorders, genetic syndrome, Autistic spectrum disorders, psychomotor development
  • do not speak fluently, repeat syllables, words or stutter

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