Prof. Alfred Tomatis therapy

Prof. Alfred Tomatis therapy

Tomatis therapy is a hearing training during which the child listens to music of concrete frequencies. Mozart’s compositions and Gregorian chants are processed through a special device, called an „electronic ear”. Before each stage of the therapy, the child undergoes an examination during which it becomes clear which frequencies should be stimulated, what types of sound the child does not hear and what sounds he/she cannot discriminate. Tomatis therapy is meant for children and adults who have problems with speech, concentration, emotions, coordination, balance and who experience learning difficulties.

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Before starting the treatment the child goes through a special diagnosis which specifies what frequencies should be the main focus of attention and which bands should be stimulated. Next, the child is given auditory stimulation through both aerial and bone channel – because this is how we hear. During the first 30-hour stage the child listens to music for 2 or 2,5 hours a day. Stages that follow, involve both listening to music and active work with a microphone. The child listens to his/her voice, modified by the electronic ear, does exercises or just talks or sings songs. All successive stages are comprised of 15 hours of listening to music and active work with a microphone, every day for 2 or 2,5 hours.

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