Sensory Light Room

Sensory Light Room

It is a special therapeutic room which activates senses. Sensory Light Room is meant for children who, due to their illness and reduced mobility:

  • cannot play like their peers
  • have never been to the cinema, playground or funfair
  • have impaired vision or are able to see only high contrasts
  • are afraid of noise, unknown sounds or movement
  • have olfactory oversensitivity or are able to smell only very distinctive smells

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Come to our Sensory Light Room. Through a multisensorial therapy we will help your children feel things which they cannot experience by themselves:

  • They will take a leap into a sea adventure where, lying on a waterbed, they will be sailing across seas and oceans, fighting with waves and storms, surrounded with wonderfully colourful fish. They will also feel gentle breeze on their skin and wind in their hair.
  • They will go for a virtual walk in the forest, enjoying the smell of firs and wild strawberries. They will pick up real pine cones, touch tree bark, listen for the sounds of birds and wild animals and watch iridescent meteorite shower.
  • They will enter the world of magic and look in the magic mirror, like from the Snow White’s tale. There are plenty of ideas for great fun and each visit to the Sensory Light Room provides unique experience, showing its beauty and diversity.

The sensory light room is equipped with:

  • waterbed, stimulating balance
  • mirrors, suspended and mobile fibres, stimulating sight
  • lamps, light cubes and a fiber column
  • projector and reflectors giving the effect of the cloudy or starry skies
  • aromatherapy kits, stimulating the sense of smell
  • structural kits, stimulating the sense of touch