Water treadmill


Water treadmill

It is an innovative therapy in special suits, which takes place in the water. Thanks to the apparent reduction of body weight in the water, the child is able to do most exercises which he/she would normally find too challenging. The resistance of water strengthens the musculoskeletal system, reduces joint stiffness and increases range of motion. Additionally, pleasantly warm water relaxes muscles, alleviating pain and facilitating the blood flow.

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Buoyancy reduces the apparent body weight, which reduces loading of joints. Thanks to this fact, exercises on the water treadmill are good also for those children who are not allowed to use a traditional, dry watermill. Walls made of glass provide the possibility to monitor and correct the child’s gait pattern. Handles on each side allow for exercises of walking not only forward but also backwards and sideways. The speed and height of the treadmill are individually adjusted to each child’s needs.