Courses for children with a meningocele

Description of the Course

Meningocele is a defect that involves the nervous system and the spine. In the initial period of pregnancy, abnormalities occur that cause disorders in the closing of the neural tube. This dysraphic defect usually includes the distal part of the tube, which promotes dysfunction in the structure of the spine. Bone deficits, splitting of the vertebral arches occur, through which the spinal cord and meningeal structures may protrude. Children who have a meningocele may present with paralysis, posture defects in the form of scoliosis, lumbar hump. Incorrectly shaped vertebrae are not uncommon. Very often, there is observed hydrocephalus, neurogenic disorders of the urinary system, neurogenic disorders of the digestive tract, muscle contractures, joint deformities, dislocations, and hip joint dislocations, fractures within the tibia and femur.

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The use of physiotherapy in the form of a rehabilitation course aims for the rapid implementation of scar care principles and areas of the skin prone to the development of bedsores. Learning to use orthopedic equipment, which helps to counteract contractures and bone deformities, is essential. Superficial and deep sensation stimulation becomes of great importance, affecting the improvement of movement quality and muscle tension. In conjunction with properly directed physical activity, the goal is for the child to achieve the highest possible level of functional ability in locomotion, self-care, and other daily activities.

Goals of the Course

  • Increasing the range of motion and counteracting bone deformities
  • Improving linearity
  • Stimulating superficial and deep sensation
  • Increasing patient mobility
  • Preparing for new functional possibilities
  • Gait re-education in highly functioning patients
  • Activation of pelvic muscles
  • Preventing the formation of bedsores in bedridden patients
  • Working with the scar to counteract muscle-fascial restrictions

Applied Methods

  • Wireless functional electrical stimulation using rectangular, triangular, TENS, NMES FES currents
  • Laser therapy
  • NDT Bobath
  • MAES
  • PNF
  • Sensory Integration
  • Manual therapy
  • Soft tissue therapy
  • Kinesiology Taping
  • Gait training on a treadmill / treadmill with suspension, Prodrobot, Inowalk

Used Equipment

  • Wireless functional electrical stimulation
  • Stair trainer
  • Exercise corset
  • Virtual reality system
  • Walking frames, tripods
  • Standers with abduction
  • Massagers
  • Prodrobot/ Innowalk
  • Spider Suit
  • MotoReck
  • Galileo platform
  • Treadmill/ treadmill with suspension
  • Exercise system with unloading and unloading with resistance UGUL

Turnus Details

  • 2 weeks
  • 1 session of 2.5 hours of physiotherapy per day
  • 3 sessions of Sensory Integration per week
  • 60 minutes of Prodrobot/Innowalk

  • Prior to arrival, it is recommended to take advantage of a one-time physiotherapist consultation to establish an individually tailored plan of activities
  • It is essential to bring along the child's previous medical documentation (MRI, hip X-rays, hospital discharge summary, medical recommendations, etc.)