NBIA sessions

The Intensive Therapy Center "Olinek" boasts many years of experience in rehabilitating patients with diseases from the NBIA group. Thanks to close cooperation with research centers and comprehensive care in the field of physiotherapy, occupational therapy, neuropsychology, vision therapy, and orthotics, we use the most modern methods and equipment.

Szybka interwencja w 24h

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During the treatment sessions, there is the possibility of a full patient evaluation (functional status examination, measurement of range of motion and muscle tone), identifying the main problem and therapeutic goal important for the patient and their caregivers, an individual therapy plan, and fitting of rehabilitation equipment.

Thanks to our individual approach to each patient, we have the opportunity to tailor the appropriate therapy and intervention to the main problems presented by the patient, which allows for faster achievement of the set goals.


  • Maintaining the functions of walking, standing, and sitting
  • Protection against secondary changes (joint contractures and joint deformities)
  • Work on communication and eating
  • Improving trunk stabilization
  • Normalization of muscle tone

Recommended therapy for patients with PKAN:

  • Functional physiotherapy
  • Galileo vibrotherapy
  • Functional electrical stimulation
  • Suit therapy
  • Hand therapy
  • Neuropsychologist/Speech therapist
  • Craniosacral therapy
  • Osteopathy


  • Stimulation of development and achievement of new motor skills
  • Learning communication
  • Prevention of joint deformities and scoliosis
Recommended therapy for patients with BPAN:
  • Functional physiotherapy
  • Hand therapy
  • Neuropsychologist/Speech therapist
  • Psychologist
  • Osteopath


  • Activation for movement and position changes
  • Polysensory stimulation
  • Securing body position
  • Alternative communication
Recommended therapy for patients with PLAN:
  • Physiotherapy with vibrotherapy
  • Hand therapy
  • Vision therapy
  • Sensory Integration (SI)


  • Working on changing positions: turning, sitting, walking
  • Ensuring proper standing, sitting, and lying positions
  • Stimulation and improvement of speech
  • Increasing the range of motion in joints
  • Muscle-fascial relaxation
  • Strengthening muscle strength
Recommended therapy for patients with MPAN:
  • Functional physiotherapy
  • Serial casting therapy
  • Neuropsychologist/Speech therapist
  • Vision therapy
  • Galileo vibrotherapy and stochastic resonance
  • LUNA robot utilizing EMG
  • Acupuncture and dry needling
  • Massages, muscle-fascial relaxation
  • Hyperbaric chamber