Natalia Wyszywacz

Natalia Wyszywacz


  • Neurodevelopmental Therapy NDT–Bobath
  • NDT-Bobath Baby
  • Basic PNF
  • Zoga Movement Therapy in Pediatrics – Myofascial Release, Module I
  • Hand Therapy Course for Children with Neurological Problems
  • Hand Therapy and Fine Motor Skills Disorders, Levels I and II
  • Sensory Integration Therapy, Levels I and II
  • Differential Diagnosis of Disorders in Children with Autism Spectrum. Basic Principles of SI Method in Therapy for Children with Autism
  • Electrostimulation in Pediatric Physiotherapy
  • Introduction to Dynamic DAFO CASCADE Orthotics
  • Three-Dimensional Manual Therapy for Foot Deformities in Children Based on Neurophysiological Principles – Zukunft–Huber Method
  • Dry Needling Course – Basic Module
  • Veronika Sherborne Developmental Movement Course – Advanced Level I
  • KinesioTaping KT1/KT2
  • Basics of Child Assessment and Therapy in Pediatric Physiotherapy – Basic Course
  • Holistic Approach to Cerebral Palsy – Webinar Series with Beata Wasicka
  • American Heart Association BLS/AED First Aid Course

Speech Therapist

  • AAC Course Levels I and II – Autism Help Foundation
  • Neuromuscular Electrostimulation in Speech Therapy
  • Speech Therapy Massage – Holistic Approach (with Elements of Physiotherapy and Osteopathic Techniques)
  • Baby at the Speech Therapist Part I and II with Dr. Marzena Machoś
  • Thumb Sucking from the Perspective of a Neuro-Speech Therapist
  • Feeding through Nasogastric Tube, Gastrostomy Feeding in Speech Therapy Practice
  • What and How to Read to Children in Speech Therapy Sessions – Webinar

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